Flexible short-term fix and flip loan for investors to purchase or refinance and renovate a non-owner-occupied investment property in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Use a fix and flip loan to purchase or refinance and rehab a property

Fix and Flip Loan Features

Loan Amounts$50,000-$500,000
Interest RatesAs low as 11% interest-only, monthly payments
Origination FeeAs low as 1% of loan amount, payable at closing
Term6-12 months, options to extend
Pre-Payment PenaltyNone
Extension Fee1% fee per 60-day extension, 1.5% fee per 120-day
Property TypesNon-Owner Occupied:
– Single Family Residence (SFR)
– Townhouses
– Condominium (excluding condotels)
– Planned Unit Development (PUD)
Loan-To-Cost (LTC)Up to 85% Purchase Price
Rehab/ConstructionUp to 100%
After Repair Loan-To-Value (LTV)Up to 65% After Repair Value (ARV)
RecourseFull Recourse

Borrower Qualifications

Credit Score620+
Experience2+ exits within 12 months
Borrower TypeEntity
Bank StatementsLast 2 months

Lender Specific Closing Costs

Submission Fee$399 (credit back at closing)
Underwriting Fee$499 (paid at closing)
Wires/ACH$30/$10 each
Excludes title, insurance, legal, etc.